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Kissing Language
Yes, it is a language.
If a kiss is the Language of Love,
then we have a lot to talk about it..

methods of Love....

- Kiss on the ear-----"I'm horny."
- Kiss on the cheek----"We're friends."
- Kiss on the hand-----"I adore you."
- Kiss on the neck------"We belong together."

- Kiss on the shoulder-----"I want you"
- Kiss on the lips-----"I love you." or "I want you."
- Holding hands-----"We can learn to love each other."

- A wink-----"Let's get it on."
- Slap on the butt----"That's mine."
- Playing with the ear----"I can't live without you."

- Holding on tight----"Don't let go."
- Looking into each other's eyes-----"Let's get romantic."

- Pulling hair on head----"Tell me you love me."
- Arms around the waist---"I love you too much to let go."

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