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hey guys..i hope everyones summer is goin great..mines ok i guess..im in arizona right now..its really hot..i got my schedule the other day..

1st>Cosmo 2
2nd>Cosmo 2
3rd>enlish 11-lusk
4th>life planning-smith

im prob gonna change it though i dunno*comment if we have any classes..but anywayz..im so pissed at *sum1* right now..but anywayz..lets not get into that right now..lol..im so bored..damn it theres nothing to do here..me and wendi has went out a couple of times but thats about it...thursday...dennis is gonna teach me how to water ski that shall b fun..lol..then we r goin 2 the grand canyon..i dunno how fun thats gonna b but we will see..but other than nothing interesting has happened.well im gonna get off of here and go to bed..im still not use to this time change..lol
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