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omg....im so pissed right now...i finally get 2 go sumwhere with fuzz and everything gets screwed up...i mean its not his fault...i guess he is trying to get off its just the stupid idiots he works with wont work 4 him.....and if he doesnt get off tomorrow then i guess i wont get to go anywhere with him...it just seems ever since i got home today everything has screwwed up...i went to the eye doctor...n my eyes have changed a lot..so now ive got to wear my glasses all the time...n i really dont like em...they didnt have that many..n the ones i found that i liked and actually looked right on me were purple n red..and i wasnt get em...so this really suxs...and i dunno what everyones problem is around here...but urgh..hehe.but anywayz...school has went ok so far....i have all my classes with vera which is pretty cool i guess...but i dont reeally have anything to really update on..<3
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