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Man today was exciting!! I finally arrived in arizona like Tuesday..but when i was on the plane i was ok..i was just really freaking out right before i got on..but when i finally did everything was cool..it was just really boring..we had a delay so i didnt get here till like 9 so...i was pretty worn out..but yesturday i just sat around the house..and today me and wendi went up to prescott and unloaded the camper...and just road the 4weeler for a little while..but the trip down there was pretty exciting lets just put it that way...man prescott has some really hott guys ecpecially there firefighters..lol...and there was like 3 trucks of them....and in this one there was a really hot guy that was sitting in the back... he was just like staring at me..and they passed us up and wendi was on the phone with rod and she told him about it and he was just goofin off about it so wendi speeded up to them and they waved well we got ahead of them so they just speeded up and we just kept doing that like half the way to the campsite..and..wendi was like if i wasnt on the phone with rod i would have gotten there #...well they turned off so we just went up to the campsite and when we got there we went on the 4wheelers for bout 30 min..cauz damn was it hot...it was only like 89 up there..but here in phoneix it was like 114 today..but um...we got back from 4 weeling and we were unloading the camper and the 3 trucks of firefighters drives right past and they are all waving and smiling..and wendi was like man taleshia u shuld of told them to come over here..lol..but..the weird thing was that we were the only ones up there besides the ppl that lived way back in the wood...but lets just put it this way...it was great...i might get to go camping this weekend i dunno yet but i really hope so....but after we got back from prescott i went and met denni..and then we came home but im woren out.i really need to start updating this more often...and yea and i think im just gonna move on about "u know who" sum ppl know who im talking about....butt he has has just been a real big ass here lately..

i did my journal all by myself ya like...im so proud of myself..lol
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